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What were the circumstances that caused you to look for an Accountant?
I had just set up a new business and a limited company. I had been using another accountant when I was working mobile but felt that they were unable to supply the right service and advice I needed being a limited company and employing staff for the first time.

How did Lorraine Borland help you?
From the very outset Lorraine and her team explained everything in a easily understandable but very professional manner. Lorraine set up my payroll and has run it for me from inception, supplying monthly statements and payslips including reminders exactly when my tax and N.I are due to be paid. Lorraine’s firm also take care of my VAT returns on a quarterly basis and turn them around normally within a week from me supplying all relevant paperwork and receipts. I have mentioned Lorraine to friends of mine who are also in business for themselves and they have changed from their existing accountants, sometimes being with them for years, over to Lorraine’s firm. I’m very cautious normally giving recommendations, however they have all been delighted with the service they are receiving.

What is your current situation? Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?
I have, it has allowed me to concentrate on the day to day running of my business and allowed me the time to grow and evolve without being trapped behind my desk for hours on end.

What could they have done better?
Without sounding cliche, I wouldn’t suggest any changes. This is my first business and to be honest there has never been one single issue that has made me think twice about using Lorraine or having to chase anything up. Lorraine operates her business very efficiently and it shows when you are dealing with her directly or any of her staff, even down to the receptionist answering the telephone…nothing is ever a problem for any of them!

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